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Faith in Jesus Christ

To have faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things. It is to hope for things which are not seen but which are true. When we go to sleep at night we believe, therefore we have faith that the morning will come. For some faith is hoping that your car will start and how many times do we say to ourselves ‘i hope i get to work on time’ or ‘i hope the traffic wont be too bad’? Sometimes we recieve just what we have asked for but sometimes we dont. Does that mean that God didnt hear? No it doesnt. It just means that today our faith in Him needs a little tweak.

I know that Jesus the Christ lives. I know He is the Son of God born of an earthly mother. That His promises are sure that he will do all that He can for me for all of us. Jesus will stand has a mediator between heaven and earth. That one day we will feel ourselves blessed to kneel at His feet and touch just the hem of his garment. He will do for me that which i cannot do for myself and take upon Him my sins. My sins may be many but i hope they will never be great.

Often we search for God in lofty places and by lofty means and when we dont find Him, we say He doesnt exist. However we need to look in the small places. A tiny flower, a baby hand, a child’s laugh an old man’s face. Step out of the world for just a moment and there He will be. In your deepest, darkest, lonely places i know He will come and give comfort but do not wait for when you are desperately in need take today to find Him and the rest of your life to know Him. I know you will not be wasting your time because what you will find will be of great value to you and everyone else you meet along your life’s journey. Ask and you shall recieve, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Not just the mysteries of the earth but also the mysteries of the heavens.

May you learn many things on your journey but never give up hope.


It’s always money

I’m trying really hard to not spending on that which is of no worth but it’s difficult. A few more examples; I needed packaging to send a present to a friend of a friend and i also needed to send something back to my sister which she left here and something to my other sister who just needs a big hug. So i went to find packaging. A certain large stationery shop was selling 1 A4 padded envelope for £2.09 and that was reduced from something but i cant remember what! So I went to a nearby Pound shop, meaning everthing was £1 and there i found 3 padded envelopes for —– you guessed it, a £. Then i needed smaller ones on another day and i happened to have been in one of those shops that sell everything from envelopes to wallpaper and cat food to washing up liquid. There the A4 envelopes were £1.49 for 4 and the A5 ones thats i needed were £1.19 for 4. So i didnt think that was bad and so bought them. As for normal envelopes, i like the self-stick ones, £1 for 50 in the Pound shop and £3.55 in the large stationery shop. I think i know where i will be shopping in future.

Other things on my quest for Not Buying Things havent worked quite to plan but its ok. My friend paid for hot chocolate and cake one day and today my daughter took me to see Harry Potter at last. I really enjoyed it, it was really cool. I maybe the only person in the world who hasnt read the Deathly Hollows novel so i really didnt know what was coming next or next even. However i paid back my daughter’s very kind jester by taking her for KFC her favourite but i enjoyed it to.

Life isn’t perfect and we only have today so we might as well enjoy it – but not too much 🙂

As we all know in the uk the VAT as increased from 17.5% to 20% thats a rise of 2.5% not 3% which is what i believed the rise to be. So my £30 hair cut i had done yesterday – which i didnt pay for as it was a gift and looks very nice – should of cost me 75p more but actually cost me 90p more. Not much of an increase and not much of a difference.

However my daughter went to get her travel pass to find that it it had risen not by 75p to £30.25 but it had gone up to £31.50 therefore leaving her without enough money and the meant that she had to come home, borrow money and then return to town and then get the travel pass.


I also found this article in the Mirror newspaper which states that some company’s are putting their prices up not by 2.5% but by 20%. O2 who i have a mobile contract with are putting their text messages up from 10p to 12p. Yes i know its only a 2p rise but its also a 20% rise too. The article also states that companies and high shops will takes the opportunity to raise their prices just because they can with an average being being between 5-8%.

Now in my world of ‘not buying it’ or maybe just not buying into it, i have come to think about the small bits of money which then turn into bigger bits and run through my fingers like water. So lets be consciously aware of the little bits of money that just disappear into thin-air 🙂

Now here’s a challenge – put some lose change in your pocket and when a homeless guy/girl asks for money just give it to them, dont think about it and dont think what they may do with it, just give it away.

New Year – erm not quite

I was going to blog on the 1st day of the new year but like all good plans, it didnt quite work out that way.

On the first day of the year i was suppose to have certain things in place so i could begin the 333 project but that didnt work out either. Owing to the fact that i spent most of december in bed and not shopping i didnt manage to buy the things i required to begin the poject. Then of cause on the 1st day of the project which was January 1st i put on my really really comfortable jeans, bent to pick something up and they split along the leg seam. They were about 2 yrs old but i loved them and so i now have to add new jeans to my shopping list, if and when i find some that fit properly and  that i love.

The other project i am undertaking is of my own making and carries on from last year 2010, when i decided not to buy any new books. It kinda worked. I bought 5 and 3 of them i bought for someone else. The year before, 2009,  i had done a few sums and realised that i spending on average about £50 on books and up to £30 on magazines every month. Far more then i could ever read of either variety in a year let alone ina month.  And besides, did i really need to buy all that reading material? or could i borrow it from someone or from somewhere? I started by visiting the local libraries and found the one in the city where i live is far better stocked,  with up to date and new books then the library closes to where i work, which is about 10 miles from where i live. And i just love the a new book that no one else as read! And i borrowed a few from my mum and read a few that had been collecting dust on my shelves.

So the project this year is To Stop Buying It. In all my buying of books a came across a book of the same title by someone who’s last name was Levine, but her first escapes me just now. But my plan of not spending anything as already floundered but im determined not to give up. My shower has sprung a leak and needs mending, an electric socket needed repairing and paying for and of cause i now need to buy some new jeans.

I know there have been many on this road before me and i know i need rules, which i do have in my head and i promise i will add them here asap. But i am allowing myself food, basic, good food and bus fare to work, and money to get to church. I’m also allowing myself to replace clothes only when and if, when they have worn out or if i actually lose the weight i wish to lose and they become too big. But only 33 items in my wardrobe at a time.

But i am determined on this, so if you recieve a homemade gift from me at some point this year and wonder what it is, just smile politely and say thank you. What you do with it after that is up to you.

The Gift

Christmas is done for another year. We spend many hours and much mental stress coming up with some trinket or other for those we love and we recieve many nice things in return – I did!

But there is never enough time and certainly not enough money to get everything we think we need. So what could I give you that wouldnt cost any money and only a bit of my time?

How about the following;

The Balm of Gilead to heal all your hurts

Time for you to just sit and ponder

A lotus flower that you may know of all God’s creation and power

A rainbow so no matter how tough or long the days you will know God’s promise is sure

Peace, but not as the world see it but a deep and solid peace to your soul

Charity the pure love of Christ

Kindness, be kind to yourself and watch that kindness radiate outwards

Hope that tomorrow will come no matter what happens

Gratitude, be grateful for what you have right now this very moment

and Love, overflowing, never ending forever present

These gifts are free. So take them with my love, share them freely to all you know and those that are but friends unknown.

For unto us a child is born

Once upon a time there was a baby born just like any other baby. The baby grew in body, in knowledge and in wisdom and when he was just 12 years old he went to the passover with his parents has was their custom and he preached in the the synagogue. He preached to the young and the old alike. His mother was distraught when she found him missing and searched for him until he was found. But he said I am alright mother i have come to do the work of my father in heaven and she knew in her heart that it was true.

He was a boy i’m sure just like any other. He had friends and went to school and was trained to be a carpenter just like his father. Picture the scene, Jesus, the boy you went to school with is preaching about a new gospel and that old things are done away. As he comes into his own town people gather but do not really understand. Someone is heard to say ‘Is not this the carpenter’s son? Is not his mother Mary?’

In the end his own rejected him and his work but they were those that listened and know that through following Him they can obtain eternal life.

At this Christ-mas time, take the time to pause and think about what He gave. No trinkets, no baubles, but a gift that is without end if only we partake.

On being sick

It’s 3am and i’m awake. In fact i havent been to sleep yet. All i’ve done is cough and cough and cough 😦

Being sick is the pits. I have been sick with a chest infection for 16 days. The doc’s thought a year and a half ago that i had asthma, but now they think maybe not but they dont know what else it might be.

Also i’m beginning to think i dont have any friends. There are those that say they are but i havent seen any of them recently. I know i’ve not been a pretty sight and for some of the time talking as just been too much hard work but a few minutes of companionship would of been nice.

I did have a message from one friend who said ‘let me know if there is anything you need’. So i did. I think their reply was ‘i cant do that’. I’ve had another friend who has promised me a visit with chocolate but that hasnt happened either. I think it’s something to do with Christmas and the spirit of GOOD WILL.

On monday at my weekly visits to my docs i was told that i was getting better – honest – but it was just taking time, more time then i have to spare. I always know when i’m better i want to be out and about but up to now all i wanted to do is crawl into bed and stay there. I can breath now providing i dont want to walk too far and i can talk as long as i dont talk too much and i can sleep providing i can do so through all the coughing.

I have promised my daughter a Macdonald’s when im better. Dont normally eat them but i figure if my system can put up with a macdonald’s then i’m better 🙂

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