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Take time …

Yesterday I was trying to strike a match along the sandpaper edge of the box. I was doing it fast and hard, but it wouldnt light. All it did was destroy the end of the match and left me frustrated and being gased from the cooker. So I retrieved a new match and started again but the same thing happened. At that point my daughter appeared and said ‘those matches are awlful, slow down and take your time.’ I did and it worked. This morning i remembered her words and instead of assaulting the match and the box, i slowed down, took my time and it worked first time.

Today as i look out my window we have fog. Fog i thought not seen that for a long time, not since i was child, when it was sometimes so thick you couldnt see where you were going. It was good to slow down and take my time and to think of those days of childhood.

How many times do we do we miss something vital and important, something amusing, funny or just soul consoling and comforting because we dont slow down and take our time. So today i give you permission to take a seat on my bench and take your time.


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