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Every day miracles

One day i was walking in town and i was overcome with a wave of grief that drowned me. Every thought left me beside i needed to get home. I knew that to get home i would have to walk from where i was at the top of town to the bottom of town where the bus station was. So i started walking, head down, one step in front of the other. At some point i became aware of a pair of feet keeping pace with me, step for step. As i looked down i saw blue jeans and white trainers and what were definately men’s feet, but i didnt look up to see any more of him as i was intent on reaching my destination. So side by side we step, one step after the other. Until, he stopped. The feet stopped, and thankfully so did I. At the second i stopped a large vehicle rushed pass me at speed. One more step and it would of hit me. One more step and i would of been dead, no doubt it. As i took a sharp intake of breath the tears began to roll down my cheeks. I dont remember where i was stood and i dont know what happened to the person keeping step with me but i am very grateful to them. Was it God, was it and Angel was it just a man following an unknown prompting. Whatever it was, it was a miracle.


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