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God’s gift




Its been over a year since you died and yet it still feels at times like it was only yesterday. Like time as stood still and there is no way to move it forward. 

A man i know, who goes by the name of Bishop Hayward taught me about ‘boxes’. How when the worse think happened to him he put his thoughts into boxes so he could take control of that which was uncontrolable. I have boxes too.

However my boxes are different. In each box was a gift that God wanted me to have. A gift that would sustain me and help me grow. Each gift given from a loving Heavenly Father. Gifts such as strength, time, patience, love, courage and hope.

The last box He showed me was labelled ‘Acceptance’. God would show me the box but how could i accept that you had died and i would push the box away and turn away not knowing what was inside. How could i accept your death?

Whilst talking to another friend recently he said ‘you didnt think you would do it, survive.’ At that moment that last box popped open and inside was not accepting your death but God’s grace.

 By accepting God’s grace we are empowered, we can come to know that we are divine, that through Jesus the Christ’s sacrifice and untimate atonement we can recieve exaltation and eternal life. This is God’s ultimate gift. To know without doubt or fear that one day we will walk in His garden together never to be parted gain.


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