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Once upon a time …

… and not so long ago lived with a mummy with four little children. At the end of each school day the mummy would collect the children from school, take them home whilst she listened to them chatter about their day. Then they would pull squiggly faces has she made them good food to eat and made them sit around the kitchen table, encouraging them to take a few moments to be grateful for the food they had.

After dinner the plates would be mysteriously cleaned and the house tidied as the children played. Then hot would fill the bath and bubbles would be added to just the right amount and in the children would all get, two at a time or three and one depending on the year. Then rubbed dry by warmed towels and slipped snuggle into warmed pyjamas the children gathered for a last minute drink and a bedtime story. Would it be this one would it be that, each evening was different. thsn into bed the children would climb to float away on peaceful dreams of far away lands.

In the morning light as if by magic clean clothes would be laid at the foot of each child’s bed. Faces washed, adorned in clean clothes and hair all straight they gathered at the breakfast table to eat and drink with such delight before they headed out the door for another day of school and play.

But that was yesterday and like all good stories it came to an end. The children no longer go to school, bedtime baths and stories are no longer required for the children are all grown you see.



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