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I read a blog this morning http://www.bemorewithless.com/2011/the-upside-of-beginning and its was all about new beginnings. Now I start things with good intentions but then i get busy with others things and either the thing i started gets pushed to one side until its forgotten. Or i see that someone has the same idea as me and i get discouraged and feel intruded upon. Or i set things up and then someone interfers and things dont get carried on. So really im a procrastinator of the worse kind. This morning i decided i would get up and clean the kitchen, including the cupboards and then make lasagne for our before Sabbath dinner. But what am i do? Farm town, reading blogs and now blogging too.

Other things that i do;

I read 3 different books, all ongoing at the same time

I text instead of phone, that way i can do something else at the same time

I go on the internet instead of cleaning or cooking or shopping

I even write lists of things to do and still dont get them done.

So, the buddhist way is to be fully engaged with whatever you are doing and just do one thing at once. This will be my New Beginning do one thing at once. Will let you know how it goes.


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