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It’s always money

I’m trying really hard to not spending on that which is of no worth but it’s difficult. A few more examples; I needed packaging to send a present to a friend of a friend and i also needed to send something back to my sister which she left here and something to my other sister who just needs a big hug. So i went to find packaging. A certain large stationery shop was selling 1 A4 padded envelope for £2.09 and that was reduced from something but i cant remember what! So I went to a nearby Pound shop, meaning everthing was £1 and there i found 3 padded envelopes for —– you guessed it, a £. Then i needed smaller ones on another day and i happened to have been in one of those shops that sell everything from envelopes to wallpaper and cat food to washing up liquid. There the A4 envelopes were £1.49 for 4 and the A5 ones thats i needed were £1.19 for 4. So i didnt think that was bad and so bought them. As for normal envelopes, i like the self-stick ones, £1 for 50 in the Pound shop and £3.55 in the large stationery shop. I think i know where i will be shopping in future.

Other things on my quest for Not Buying Things havent worked quite to plan but its ok. My friend paid for hot chocolate and cake one day and today my daughter took me to see Harry Potter at last. I really enjoyed it, it was really cool. I maybe the only person in the world who hasnt read the Deathly Hollows novel so i really didnt know what was coming next or next even. However i paid back my daughter’s very kind jester by taking her for KFC her favourite but i enjoyed it to.

Life isn’t perfect and we only have today so we might as well enjoy it – but not too much 🙂


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