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As we all know in the uk the VAT as increased from 17.5% to 20% thats a rise of 2.5% not 3% which is what i believed the rise to be. So my £30 hair cut i had done yesterday – which i didnt pay for as it was a gift and looks very nice – should of cost me 75p more but actually cost me 90p more. Not much of an increase and not much of a difference.

However my daughter went to get her travel pass to find that it it had risen not by 75p to £30.25 but it had gone up to £31.50 therefore leaving her without enough money and the meant that she had to come home, borrow money and then return to town and then get the travel pass.


I also found this article in the Mirror newspaper which states that some company’s are putting their prices up not by 2.5% but by 20%. O2 who i have a mobile contract with are putting their text messages up from 10p to 12p. Yes i know its only a 2p rise but its also a 20% rise too. The article also states that companies and high shops will takes the opportunity to raise their prices just because they can with an average being being between 5-8%.

Now in my world of ‘not buying it’ or maybe just not buying into it, i have come to think about the small bits of money which then turn into bigger bits and run through my fingers like water. So lets be consciously aware of the little bits of money that just disappear into thin-air 🙂

Now here’s a challenge – put some lose change in your pocket and when a homeless guy/girl asks for money just give it to them, dont think about it and dont think what they may do with it, just give it away.


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