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New Year – erm not quite

I was going to blog on the 1st day of the new year but like all good plans, it didnt quite work out that way.

On the first day of the year i was suppose to have certain things in place so i could begin the 333 project but that didnt work out either. Owing to the fact that i spent most of december in bed and not shopping i didnt manage to buy the things i required to begin the poject. Then of cause on the 1st day of the project which was January 1st i put on my really really comfortable jeans, bent to pick something up and they split along the leg seam. They were about 2 yrs old but i loved them and so i now have to add new jeans to my shopping list, if and when i find some that fit properly and  that i love.

The other project i am undertaking is of my own making and carries on from last year 2010, when i decided not to buy any new books. It kinda worked. I bought 5 and 3 of them i bought for someone else. The year before, 2009,  i had done a few sums and realised that i spending on average about £50 on books and up to £30 on magazines every month. Far more then i could ever read of either variety in a year let alone ina month.  And besides, did i really need to buy all that reading material? or could i borrow it from someone or from somewhere? I started by visiting the local libraries and found the one in the city where i live is far better stocked,  with up to date and new books then the library closes to where i work, which is about 10 miles from where i live. And i just love the a new book that no one else as read! And i borrowed a few from my mum and read a few that had been collecting dust on my shelves.

So the project this year is To Stop Buying It. In all my buying of books a came across a book of the same title by someone who’s last name was Levine, but her first escapes me just now. But my plan of not spending anything as already floundered but im determined not to give up. My shower has sprung a leak and needs mending, an electric socket needed repairing and paying for and of cause i now need to buy some new jeans.

I know there have been many on this road before me and i know i need rules, which i do have in my head and i promise i will add them here asap. But i am allowing myself food, basic, good food and bus fare to work, and money to get to church. I’m also allowing myself to replace clothes only when and if, when they have worn out or if i actually lose the weight i wish to lose and they become too big. But only 33 items in my wardrobe at a time.

But i am determined on this, so if you recieve a homemade gift from me at some point this year and wonder what it is, just smile politely and say thank you. What you do with it after that is up to you.


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