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On being sick

It’s 3am and i’m awake. In fact i havent been to sleep yet. All i’ve done is cough and cough and cough 😦

Being sick is the pits. I have been sick with a chest infection for 16 days. The doc’s thought a year and a half ago that i had asthma, but now they think maybe not but they dont know what else it might be.

Also i’m beginning to think i dont have any friends. There are those that say they are but i havent seen any of them recently. I know i’ve not been a pretty sight and for some of the time talking as just been too much hard work but a few minutes of companionship would of been nice.

I did have a message from one friend who said ‘let me know if there is anything you need’. So i did. I think their reply was ‘i cant do that’. I’ve had another friend who has promised me a visit with chocolate but that hasnt happened either. I think it’s something to do with Christmas and the spirit of GOOD WILL.

On monday at my weekly visits to my docs i was told that i was getting better – honest – but it was just taking time, more time then i have to spare. I always know when i’m better i want to be out and about but up to now all i wanted to do is crawl into bed and stay there. I can breath now providing i dont want to walk too far and i can talk as long as i dont talk too much and i can sleep providing i can do so through all the coughing.

I have promised my daughter a Macdonald’s when im better. Dont normally eat them but i figure if my system can put up with a macdonald’s then i’m better 🙂


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