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New Year Resolutions

Yes i know its not the New Year – yet! But how many New Year Resolutions are actually kept? Most are a distant memory by the end on January, so i’m not waiting till January i thought i would start now.

So, my first resolution is http://www.bemorewithless.com/2010/minimalist-fashion-project-333-begins/

which basically is this – have only 33 items in your wardrobe and use only them for 3 months.

I’ve already blogged about this and i said i didnt think i had 33 items in my wardrobe, so i went and checked and this is my list;

green/blue skirt

green sweater

white vest top

long grey skirt

red patterned blouse

grey swing jacket

grey marl skirt

lilac stripped shirt

purple swing cardiagan/jacket

blue jeans

blue trousers

brown cord trousers

purple top

purple tunic

white long sleeve top

white short sleeved t-shirt

blue jumper

white vest top

purple winter coat

purple tights

black shoes with heels



lilac shawl

stripped scarf

hat and gloves

So thats 26 and thats all i have.

I’ve taken out the following brown sweater (too big), blue sweater (too big) cream sweater (has holes), light green swing coat (doesnt fit, been waiting 3 yrs), grey t-shirt (gone baggy)

Need to add

grey/black dress pants

white shirt

jean/cord skirt

flat shoes

red sweater

brown sweater – replacement

cream sweater – replacement

that would bring it to 33

Things not included



sports wear

workwear – uniform

jewellery – i have 4 pairs of earrings and 2 necklaces

I use to wear a size 24/26 in clothes and now i wear a 16/18 and heading downwards. How am i doing it? Do more and eat better. But I think that’s another blog altogether.

Now let me tell you about my daughters –

There is a Grace a university graduate who learnt to live on student money and what she could earn over the last three years. She learnt about a ‘working wardrobe’, meaning that everything she owned had to worn with several other things. She learnt to charity shop buy and sale buy and use until worn out. By the time she finished university everything went with everything else (ok, maybe not quite) but she is a little bit of an impulse buyer, she sees it, likes it, buys it, brings it home and then thinks what am i going to wear it with.

Secondly there is Emily. My student and my Primark specialist. She just has hoardes of cheap, tatty clothes and she has learnt to her distressed that cheap-cheap is not always the best way. I keep telling her to buy better quality clothes second-hand or in the sale and she listens occasionally.

Last but not least is Bethany. She has a walk-on wardrobe where most of her clothes are part of her floor covering. She also has an array of black bags which contain the rest of her things. Does she have a wardrobe i hear you cry! Yes of cause she does a very good one. She has some very nice things and is good a spotting a bargain but i really wish she would pick things up and put them away. She always seems to wear the same small selection of clothes and looks very pretty but how she actually finds anything in that room of hers ive no idea.

So girls this blog is for you. Its also for all those others just like you. So sort it out girls and take up the challenge – 333 🙂

ps I shall start in January


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