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Its snowing lots and its very pretty and its very cold and i really could do with hibernating till June but i dont think thats going to happen. Yesterday i was on the bus with my daughter Grace, I was going to the doctors and she was coming with me. Its not that far but seeing as i dont yet have enough breath to walk up a flight of stairs i figured walking out in the snow wasnt a good idea. However as the bus went past the park and the old Bowling museum the sun was shining and glittering off the snow and i wish i had a camera it was all very beautiful. Just the place to sing Christmas carols and roast chestnuts.

The doctor said my chest is better but not my asthma and i continue to cough alarmingly and spend half the night awake. It will take time she said, the doctor, who was very nice. This is all very new to me. I had my first asthma attack last summer when i picked up a cold and then woke up one morning unable to breath. Its not good and if your friend tells you they cant breath then you can bet that they are not joking so try not to ignore them.

They tell me christmas is coming. The weather would indicate that santa might be coming, i suppose he could get his sleigh out in this amount of snow. I have read several blogs this year from people who have stepped out of the rat-race and found life. This year for Christmas what will you give? Money? Expensive gift? Your time? Your talents? Your love?

This coming year is my year to drop out of the rat-race and spending money on things that are of no worth and of little value. So if you ask me what i want for mother’s day, my birthday or christmas and i say ‘hemp hand cream’ or ‘thick socks’ or ‘chocolate’ and after you have got over looking at me strangely then i hope you will buy me what i have asked for – thanks. There i’ve said it. At last.

So take up the challenge to spend nothing this next year.


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