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on being sick

I got sick again. I hate being sick so i cant function and i have to go to bed. Its not fair on me or the other people that rely on me. It all started last summer – date unknown. I’d had a cold for a few days – yes in the summer. Then one morning i woke up and i just couldnt breath. If i kept absolutely still i could just about cope. I did stay still for about 40 minutes until my daughter went to school she had an exam. Then i woke the next daughter and gave her the fright of her life by mumbling i cant breath get an ambulance. Which she did, which came very quickly with a very nice paramedic called Roy. They whisked me away to said casualty department where they treated it as asthma and it responded and in a few hours they let me home. However i still felt sick for several days afterwards.

So yesterday i got up to get ready for work and i felt a little breathless, nothing significant. I didnt feel unwell. Until i set off for work and i couldnt get my breath and i kept saying to myself this is not a good idea i need to go home. However like a good girl i went to work. Where i kept saying to my colleagues who are nurses i really cant breath but i really dont think they believed me. In the end i had to tell the boss i needed to go home i was too unwell. Which she had to let me.

My daughter managed to get me a doctors appointment, which i missed as it took me over 2 hrs to get from leeds to bradford. But i turned up at the doctors anyway. What i hadnt realised was that by the time i had got there my lips and my nose had turned blue. The very nice receptionist got me in with the on call doctor. He checked me over and took my temperature and declared i had a chest infection and a temperature of 38.7. Thats high. He gave me steroids just for a few days but as usual i am getting side effects with really bad joint pains and back pain. But they are helping me breath a bit better. I can now walk up half a flight of stairs without stopping however by the time i get to the top i need my inhaler, fast. I keep seeing myself in the bathroom mirror and thinking ‘yep’ you look sick.

As for work they just want to know when im coming back. For their information the doc said 10-14 days if im better by then.


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