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Stepping out …

Could you really step out of the world?

What does that really mean?

Maybe it means different things to different people?

There is an old man that walks around Bradford and he has become known as the Jesus man. Is he Jesus? I would think not. However his attire is simple and his attitude meek. We could learn alot from this man just by watching him.

Many walked with the real Jesus and yet some were heard to exclaim ‘Is this not the carpenter’s son?’ (Matt 13:55) It would of been so easy for Jesus to have just been a carpenter’s son. The son of Mary, but he knew from an early age who he was and the work that he had to do for all of us. I think sometimes we forget that he had a choice too but he fulfilled all that the Father had given Him and he won the prize.

Jesus says come follow me, be even has I am. In a world turned sour from too much excess it is time to turn away from the world and expect less but give more. In the world there are many that gorge themselves on too much and yet others starve because of too little. Many are homeless and not by choice. Families are ripped apart because of money and the fact that parents dont feel that being who they are and giving of themselves is enough.

Jesus greatest gift to us whilst we live is love. Everything he did, he did because he loved the people he served and we should love the people we serve and that service should start with our families. It shouldnt be a chore to serve no matter who we serve.

So how do you step out of the world? Three things:

Love the people you serve and show it

Be grateful for that which you have

Stop spending money for that which is of no worth.

PS I bought chocolate – flakes – pink ones – its been a very stressful week but no books 🙂

100 days, 100 nights read about 50 pages and gave up very odd 🙂

sister’s gift – well written girlie book


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