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Sad things

My Dad and Mum’s dog died on Monday. He was called Robin. He was old, 90 at least in human years the vet said and he had cancer. They were just hoping for a little more time. But he know it was time and he quietly slipped away with my Dad by his side. Knowing he was loved and would be missed.

We dont have any more time then today and even though we cant dwell on the fact that all of those we hold dear and we love with all our hearts will one day pass through the door of death into another life. For life there is just through that door, where we will all meet again and spend all eternity together. This life is but a moment a time of forgetting, a time to gain an earthly body, to find God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and to come to know them and to walk by faith nothing wavering, one step at a time.

We have had so much sorrow and heartache in this family this year and as the year comes to an end we remember those who have gone on before us leaving us bereft even though i know they wouldnt want us to be. How great will be our joy when we see them all again but until then i bid them adieu.

William Eddie Friday 1937-4 Dec 2009

John (Jack) Sumner 1931 – 28 Nov 2009

Stephen S Clease 1951 – 28 Nov 2009

Danielle Leah Heggarty 26 Dec 1987 – 8 Dec 2009

Alfred Tennant 1943 – 29 Jul 2010

and a few pets – Robin, Peter Rabbit and Beckham Rabbit

What a crazy year.


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