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Day three …

… Its day 3 out in the wilderness without any chocolate. Actually that’s not strictly true has the Lord took pity on me and provided ways for others to share. However i can say in all truthfullness that i haven’t bought any chocolate and so far i havent had to steal any either.

A dear friend at church saw me leering at her as she gave out celebration chocolates to the primary children on Sunday at church and offered me one too. I had a fudge. It was yum!!

Then yesterday my darling daughter number 3 decided i’d been good enough and gave me 4 slices of a chocolate orange and some peanut M&M’s. The chocolate orange had star dust in it. Do you remember that? I think that’s what it’s called? The stuff that crackles on your tongue. It was very odd but most delightful. As for M&M’s what can i say, it was just what i needed.

Now for books i went to the library bypassing Waterstones altogether and i got the following;

People of the Book – Geraldine Brook

Serving Crazy with Curry – Amulya Malladi

One Hundred days: One Hundred Nights – Christopher Bigsby

A Sister’s Gift – Giselle Green

I’m putting them here in the hope that i will actually read them and not get side tracked which is what usually happens.

I’m also reading More Holiness Give Me – Robert L. Millet

and i finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday and i have been good i started again yesterday. I always plan to read it twice in one year but i’m human and i get lost in the world at some point in the year and i forget but then i remember and get going again. And i also teach adult Sunday school, which this year is the Old Testament so i am reading that in part too.

Now you know why i dont have a telly- i just dont have time.


Comments on: "Day three …" (2)

  1. wow sounds like the no chocolate has its blessings..even though you are getting it!! 🙂

    i love to read. i mean, i really love to read. but you seem so much like a readaholic!! 😉 lol

    debs x

  2. No telly you see 🙂 haha

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