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Do you remember that just yesterday your children were small and they were in bed by 7pm and up by 7am? Well i’m not sure what time they even came in last night but its 7am and they are still sleeping. Well i think they are? It’s a bit difficult to know what my son is doing seeing as he is in Canada and my youngest daughter; now 17, went to a friends birthday party and stayed over. However i have 2 of my other daughters visiting for the weekend. Or maybe i should say using my house as a bed and breakfast. Just in case you have got lost in the numbers that makes 4 children.

Sometimes i’d like to stop time. Or go back a step and change something. However doing so would only give a different result. Daughter number 1 Grace is now attending church regularly and her spirit is just amazing. For her to make the decision to live her life in accordance with God’s laws is like a prayer come true for me. I have warned her that some mountains are big and she should climb hers slowly but she wants to know everything now and do everything now and its amazing. So she is truely an amazing Grace.

Started reading the Book of Mormon in May. Just reading Ether and Moroni to read then i can start again. Mormon gives the plates to his son Moroni who contiues to write for as long as he can in the midst of great adversity. That part always makes me cry. You want to know what happens in the end? Well i could tell you but then i would spoil it. Maybe you should read it for yourself?

Find God in everything today. Pray that He will show himself in the small things and the great things too.


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