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Did you think …

…to pray? Pray is a powerful tool that is often forgotten about. We murmur and moan about what God isnt doing but then we forget to tell Him what we would like Him to do.

At this present time i have a friend who is unwell and in alot of pain and today i needed to know if God had heard our prayers for him and i also prayed for something good to happen today. To my first request God told me the following; ‘Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God? know ye not that he hath all power, and at his great command the earth shall be rolled together as a scroll (Mormon 5:23)’

I knew in that moment that God had my dear friend in his hand that he had heard the prayers of the faithful for this young man. I know now that those taking care of him will listen to what God has to say and act accordingly.

To my second request, thats a little more complicated. Yesterday i asked a friend, who is just my angel if he would like to see a film with me. His reply yesterday was ‘no’ im sorry im a bit busy this week but we will do it soon. No sooner had i texted that verse reference to my daughter Grace then my phone went ‘bing’ and i thought it would be her but it wasnt. The message said ‘what film are you thinking of seeing?’ So i told him all the girly ones i could think of thinking he would run away but no we are going to see a film tonight and i talked him into food as well. So that was a good thing.

The second good thing. The young man that is sick is writing to my daughter Grace. But he has been in too much pain to write long letters so i told him to send a postcard. Which he did and my daughter is delighted.

Blessings come in different guises but never the less they come. If we have faith the size of a mustard seed God will make that seed grow into something magnificant and beautiful.

So what did you pray for today?


Comments on: "Did you think …" (2)

  1. I have to confess that my prayers are up and down, I often feel so overwhelmed with some things in life that I struggle to pray, even though by the end of it the load would be so much lighter!

    I am happy to read that the Lord is working His will still and that you are so aware of it that it’s blessing yours and your daughters life! I love it when I realise I am receptive to the Lord, it’s never a let down or disappointment! 🙂

  2. Last Dec I had a much loved and cherished neice die in a car accident. By the time the year had moved round to March i had told God he didnt exist and if He did he had to prove it. I prayed for and angel. I couldn’t pray what could i be thankful for, what could i ask for?? However looking back over the last 6 months i can see God’s hand in many things. He sent me an angel who literally saved my life. Not my physical life but the life of my spirit. Without that one prayer and without that one person answering when the Lord called i think i would of just slipped off the ends of the earth into oblivion. Never underestimate the power of prayer and remember God’s will is always done, there are no random accidents. All is as it should be. Have a little faith and one day, maybe not in this life all things will be healed and be made new.

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