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Babylon –

Yesterday (Sunday) i taught Sunday school. I taught from Isaiah 47 and 48.  All about Babylon and i dont mean babylon 5  🙂 I think thats a SF series. Babylon was the capital city of Babylonia, near Mesopotania. It was a city of great size and was feared by many and it also believed itself indestructable. The word Babylon comes from the the word Babel and the Babel means confusion. This confusion was often caused by godlessness. In the end the city which thought itself indestructable was destroyed by God due to its wickedness. Until recently it as been believed that the great city Babylonia was just a myth. However a city as been uncovered by archaeologists in the area where the city is supposed to be and apparently they are shocked by what they have found there.

In a biblical sense Babylonia is seen today as the world and the wicknesses of that great city is now the wickedness of the world. The words of Isiah was not only given for those of his day but also for us today. As the world continues to forget God and lean upon the arm of man then eventually they will be destroyed. Unfortunately people dont hear the warnings to prepare for that which is to come and even if they hear they continue to ignore the warning. The world continues to decline into depravity and sin, for want of a better word.

The world belongs the devil. He has power over our souls if we do not repent and come unto Christ. This is his domain. He was given the right to influence us but not to make us do wrong. Only we can choose what we will do. However beware he is very sly and crafty. He will make things look good but then he will laugh has he speedily wraps you in chains and drags you down to hell.

On a positive note, Isaiah speaks beautiful words about the Saviour Jesus Christ. There is no one that can do for us what he can do and all he asks is that we believe on His words and trust Him. Look for the quiet times and the beautiful things within nature that have been made for us. often when i doubt God is listening i open the back door and stand on the back step and look up, at the stars. Again the spirit bears witness to me that there is a God and if i trust him He will take care of me – always.


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  1. =) Now I don’t need to go to church on Sunday

    JUST KIDDING Mwahahaha hehe

    I like your post. They should have a like button.

  2. Yes you do – God said so 🙂 xxx

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