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Day three …

… Its day 3 out in the wilderness without any chocolate. Actually that’s not strictly true has the Lord took pity on me and provided ways for others to share. However i can say in all truthfullness that i haven’t bought any chocolate and so far i havent had to steal any either.

A dear friend at church saw me leering at her as she gave out celebration chocolates to the primary children on Sunday at church and offered me one too. I had a fudge. It was yum!!

Then yesterday my darling daughter number 3 decided i’d been good enough and gave me 4 slices of a chocolate orange and some peanut M&M’s. The chocolate orange had star dust in it. Do you remember that? I think that’s what it’s called? The stuff that crackles on your tongue. It was very odd but most delightful. As for M&M’s what can i say, it was just what i needed.

Now for books i went to the library bypassing Waterstones altogether and i got the following;

People of the Book – Geraldine Brook

Serving Crazy with Curry – Amulya Malladi

One Hundred days: One Hundred Nights – Christopher Bigsby

A Sister’s Gift – Giselle Green

I’m putting them here in the hope that i will actually read them and not get side tracked which is what usually happens.

I’m also reading More Holiness Give Me – Robert L. Millet

and i finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday and i have been good i started again yesterday. I always plan to read it twice in one year but i’m human and i get lost in the world at some point in the year and i forget but then i remember and get going again. And i also teach adult Sunday school, which this year is the Old Testament so i am reading that in part too.

Now you know why i dont have a telly- i just dont have time.


Too Much

I’m a little sparodic but i’m trying to get into a habit. Hopefully a good habit. I think part of the problem is that i also write a Journal, but this isnt a Journal. It’s not really about me, well i hope its not. It’s about how i can inspire others. My spelling  is sometimes interesting and sometimes my grammar is a little bit odd but i’m not an english teacher just another average person trying to get their voice heard.

Today i was sharing with my daughter (again) something that keeps coming to my mind. The subject of ‘Too Much’. What is too much? How do we know we have too much? Is too much different for each person? Family? Group? Also what is that we could do without if we really choose?

I dont drive. I dont even know how to drive. Google maps informs me that i live 9.5 miles away from where i work. So i travel usually by bus and occasionally by train. Even if i had a car there wouldnt be anywhere to park it at the other end and so i would need a chauffer to drive it back for me and then collect me at the end of the day. Its also very expensive to park where i work and you need a permit, which you have to pay for on top of the parking rate. So i dont need to give up my car. It’s too far to walk so public transport is my only option, which is in itself expensive and often unreliable.

I also dont have a televsion. I dont own one. The one i had was being cleaned more then it was being watched so i got rid of it and the bills that came with it.

So what are my weaknesses when it comes to ‘too much’?

I think the first one has to be books. I can have a stack of books at home but yet i just have to have another one. I go into the shop and they say ‘take me home, you know you want too’. The problem is, they are right. However i am buying less for myself, but i do like to give books as presents. So where to get free books? Read the ones on your own shelves. Borrow from your family and or friends. My mother is a good source on this one. I often end up reading books i wouldn’t of thought of buying and i enjoy them too. What about the much forgotten libraries? I find Bradford library much better then Leeds. Sorry Leeds! I just love new books and Bradford library have on one of their floors a whole rack of new books and i’ve often indulged myself with something i wouldnt normally read. Then there is Oxfam. Okay it’s not free, but its only a few pounds for a book that you would of paid four times the amount for. So i’m not giving up books but i think it would take me a year to read what i have on my shelves and just sitting here i can see at least  6 books i havent even picked up since i bought them. Who needs a library?

I think one of my other weaknesses is chocolate. I went out today to buy milk and came back with chocolate too. Jaffa Cakes in fact. I dont buy jaffa cakes unless i am going to eat the whole packet, but at least today i shared a few with my daughter. Again the chocolate speaks to me and it never says anything good.

So maybe thats where i shall start with my quest to stop the ‘Too Much’. No more buying books, but book tokens are okay, just in case my children are reading this, and stop buying chocolate.

So thats my challenge then, no buying books and no buying chocolate till Christmas.


Do you remember that just yesterday your children were small and they were in bed by 7pm and up by 7am? Well i’m not sure what time they even came in last night but its 7am and they are still sleeping. Well i think they are? It’s a bit difficult to know what my son is doing seeing as he is in Canada and my youngest daughter; now 17, went to a friends birthday party and stayed over. However i have 2 of my other daughters visiting for the weekend. Or maybe i should say using my house as a bed and breakfast. Just in case you have got lost in the numbers that makes 4 children.

Sometimes i’d like to stop time. Or go back a step and change something. However doing so would only give a different result. Daughter number 1 Grace is now attending church regularly and her spirit is just amazing. For her to make the decision to live her life in accordance with God’s laws is like a prayer come true for me. I have warned her that some mountains are big and she should climb hers slowly but she wants to know everything now and do everything now and its amazing. So she is truely an amazing Grace.

Started reading the Book of Mormon in May. Just reading Ether and Moroni to read then i can start again. Mormon gives the plates to his son Moroni who contiues to write for as long as he can in the midst of great adversity. That part always makes me cry. You want to know what happens in the end? Well i could tell you but then i would spoil it. Maybe you should read it for yourself?

Find God in everything today. Pray that He will show himself in the small things and the great things too.

Did you think …

…to pray? Pray is a powerful tool that is often forgotten about. We murmur and moan about what God isnt doing but then we forget to tell Him what we would like Him to do.

At this present time i have a friend who is unwell and in alot of pain and today i needed to know if God had heard our prayers for him and i also prayed for something good to happen today. To my first request God told me the following; ‘Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God? know ye not that he hath all power, and at his great command the earth shall be rolled together as a scroll (Mormon 5:23)’

I knew in that moment that God had my dear friend in his hand that he had heard the prayers of the faithful for this young man. I know now that those taking care of him will listen to what God has to say and act accordingly.

To my second request, thats a little more complicated. Yesterday i asked a friend, who is just my angel if he would like to see a film with me. His reply yesterday was ‘no’ im sorry im a bit busy this week but we will do it soon. No sooner had i texted that verse reference to my daughter Grace then my phone went ‘bing’ and i thought it would be her but it wasnt. The message said ‘what film are you thinking of seeing?’ So i told him all the girly ones i could think of thinking he would run away but no we are going to see a film tonight and i talked him into food as well. So that was a good thing.

The second good thing. The young man that is sick is writing to my daughter Grace. But he has been in too much pain to write long letters so i told him to send a postcard. Which he did and my daughter is delighted.

Blessings come in different guises but never the less they come. If we have faith the size of a mustard seed God will make that seed grow into something magnificant and beautiful.

So what did you pray for today?

Babylon –

Yesterday (Sunday) i taught Sunday school. I taught from Isaiah 47 and 48.  All about Babylon and i dont mean babylon 5  🙂 I think thats a SF series. Babylon was the capital city of Babylonia, near Mesopotania. It was a city of great size and was feared by many and it also believed itself indestructable. The word Babylon comes from the the word Babel and the Babel means confusion. This confusion was often caused by godlessness. In the end the city which thought itself indestructable was destroyed by God due to its wickedness. Until recently it as been believed that the great city Babylonia was just a myth. However a city as been uncovered by archaeologists in the area where the city is supposed to be and apparently they are shocked by what they have found there.

In a biblical sense Babylonia is seen today as the world and the wicknesses of that great city is now the wickedness of the world. The words of Isiah was not only given for those of his day but also for us today. As the world continues to forget God and lean upon the arm of man then eventually they will be destroyed. Unfortunately people dont hear the warnings to prepare for that which is to come and even if they hear they continue to ignore the warning. The world continues to decline into depravity and sin, for want of a better word.

The world belongs the devil. He has power over our souls if we do not repent and come unto Christ. This is his domain. He was given the right to influence us but not to make us do wrong. Only we can choose what we will do. However beware he is very sly and crafty. He will make things look good but then he will laugh has he speedily wraps you in chains and drags you down to hell.

On a positive note, Isaiah speaks beautiful words about the Saviour Jesus Christ. There is no one that can do for us what he can do and all he asks is that we believe on His words and trust Him. Look for the quiet times and the beautiful things within nature that have been made for us. often when i doubt God is listening i open the back door and stand on the back step and look up, at the stars. Again the spirit bears witness to me that there is a God and if i trust him He will take care of me – always.

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