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Have you noticed that there is no such thing as trust these days? There is no such as ‘my word is my bond’ and a handshake to seal the deal. Today it is seal in blood (not quite) on the dotted line and write it out in triplicate and give one copy to each party involved and then write them out in triplicate again.

Today when i meet someone who wants to become involved in my life, my first instinct is not to trust that person and sometimes it can take some persauding for me to change my mind.

Over the years my life has taken many twists and turns but not many of them seem to be to my advantage. Which has left me a little disillusioned with people and with life and trusting people on sight is not usually on my agenda. However a few months ago a young man, an amazing young man came into my life. I didnt trust him and i certainly didnt want to talk to him either. But he was persistant and would come up to me in church and ask me how i was and if there was anything he could do for me and for a long time, months i would say i was ok and no there wasnt and then walk away.

Things began to change in May. I knew he was praying for me but still i didnt trust him. After several weeks of pestering i decided to give him a job to do that i thought he would say no to, i need help with some decorating and he said ‘yes, sure’. He came to the house with his friend and got on with the job. He was chatty and friendly and open. We talked about life, church and death as well. He shared things that had happened in his life and i shared things back. I kept asking who had sent him, what is it that he wanted and he would say he couldnt tell me and he was here to help me in anyway he could.

There was a point when things changed. I knew that God had sent him but still i wanted him to tell me that it was so but it was several more weeks before he did. Looking back i know i needed to trust him but more then that i needed to trust God that through all the bad stuff in my life God had not left me and would not leave me.

Trust is letting go of our passed beliefs and taking hold of new ones. Trust creates love and a bond that is tentative but true. In a world where the belief in trust is scarce it important that we act in such a way that when we ask someone to trust us they never doubt our word, our deed or our bond.

I will be forever grateful of the angel God sent me and i’m sorry it took so long to trust him and God.


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