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Its Monday morning and i have the day off. There is something very decadent about having Monday off when everyone else is at work. Its only a temporary thing im sure.

The weekend has been uneventful! I bought a new coat. Its purple. A nice deep purple. Today it is cold and so i think its time to try it out. Need to find some gloves today. Not much shopping to be done in Bradford. They pulled down our shops and promised us a new shopping centre with 100 shops but alas all we got was a big hole with water in the bottom and something they are calling a temporary park. Temporary to what though?

So yesterday was Sunday. I went to church. It was testimony meeting and i bore my testimony that the church was true. I know i said something about when the storms of live try to knock us down we should stand on the testimony that we first recieved that the church was true and if it was true then then its true now and whether we go or we dont its matters not, only to us, because it is still true.

I didnt teach sunday school as i was supposed to or maybe i wasnt. My daughter was upset and she is more important. I hear they had a good lesson and it all went smoothly.

Today i am starting 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. With my reading challenge/record of two chapters a-day it should take me two weeks, seeing as there are 28 chapters in it. However its about the Saviour’s visitation to the Americas and the Nephites after His resurrection and its? its? its like WOW, amazing, awesome. I know the spirit will roll in as i read it as it bears testimony of the truth of the words that were written. He live, He lives let us remember and humble bow.


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