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First day

Your first blog is like the first day of school! Personally i dont remember it i was only 5 years old, i think or so my mother tells me.

I dont remember enjoying school or not enjoying it. It always appeared to be a foreign country to me but every day i trotted across half the estate with my lovely siblings to the nearest school spent the day doing this and that which i dont remember then trotted back home again at 4pm. Did you know that school is suppose to be good for children? I had a good childhood within my family unit but not such a good one outside of it. I don’t know who said school was good for children, i think they must have been crazy. I guess school is better then work especially when you are only 6 yrs old. However I think it is just a place for children to go so they are not heard and at least for a few hours not seen either.

If i’d had enough guts i would of taught my own children at home but unlike today even being taught at home 15 years ago you had to teach a formal-type of  teaching. Today it is not so, thankfully. I firmly believe that if you give your children the right tools they will teach themselves, with a little encouagement.

Also if your child is not doing well at school and they can find no cause maybe they are just bored!


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  1. Adulthood is where we recover from Childhood

  2. Personally I think it takes a certain kind of person to home school. I did it for a year and a half and I hated it. My daughter and I argued, we spent less quality time together and it was far easier for her to become complacent. It just didn’t work for us at all.
    A good school can help a child in so many ways, even those with issues or problems, my daughters school has helped Kirsten regain the confidence she lost via our homeschooling period, even though she was only 3 weeks behind the curriculum I just couldn’t get paid enough to repeat that experience!! lol

  3. There is a difference between ‘Home School’ and Natural Learning. Home school is just school at home and which parent really has time for that. However Natural learning allows children to learn at their own pace and in their own way. Children have a natural greediness for knowledge and all we nee to do is to provide the right type of stimulus. I think we also need to realise that we alone cannot provide all the learning our children need and should endeavour to include others in our children’s learning.

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